By the grace of our Acharya HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, JETUSA Inc. offers many classes – Slokas learning, pravachanams, and parayanams taken from Vaishnavism; sanatana dharma. These classes are conducted by our resident Priests and teachers who took training from Sri Swamijis university in India, JIVA(Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy). They are all well versed in these topics and offer this knowledge to devotees and interested seekers. These classes, are offered at times convenient to the students and over the phone/teleconference.

Introduction of our teachers:

Sriman Yugandharacharya Swami – a disciple of HH Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji. He is the First resident Priest of JET USA Inc.  He is an Agama scholar  and the product of Sri:pa:nchara:thra A:gama kala:sa:la, Jaggayyapeta.  As an A:gama teacher he trained many students as priests, In the presence of and with the blessing of HH he conducted various Yagna:s, temple Inaugurations, Bramho:thsava:s etc spiritual activities in India Nepal US UK Germany as leading role of “Yajna:cha:rya” “Yajnabramha”. For more than 10 years basing New Jersey, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas (currently) centers, he is providing his services to the devotees in US through our organization as a teacher and Priest He also conducts Prajna teacher training.

Sriman Pavan Kumaracharyulu – He is one of the resident priests in our Srinivas Perumal Aalayam In Jeeyar Asramam, NJ.  He is a proficient Prajna teacher trainer. He is an expert in the areas of Sri Pancharathra Aagamam, and Apasthambiya Purva Prayogam. Contact:

Sriman Sudhanva Acharyulu – He is one of the resident priests in our Srinivas Perumal Aalayam In Jeeyar Asramam, NJ. He completed his education in the fields of Sri Pancharathra Aagamam, Apasthambiya Purva Prayogam & Jyothisyam. Contact:

Sriman Phaneendracharyulu Satuluri Swamy – He spent 13 years studying Krishna Yajur Vedam and Pancha Ratra Aagama Sastraas. Taught 4 years at the Vedic school, training many Vedic priests in the rituals of Bhagavat aaraadhana, Vratams, Kalyanams and Homams. He knows Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English.

Sarada Garu –  Conducts Prajna teacher training to volunteer teachers all over USA. She gives pravachanams and conducts Parayanam on many topics.

Below are listed some of the topics that are on-going. Please contact the teachers directly for more information or request for any classes.

Sloka learning classes:

The classes for these particular topics are on-going. But if you are interested in any particular topics please contact us. Our teachers are proficient in many topics not limited to; Vishnu Sahasranamam, Bhagavad Githa, Adithya Hrudayam, Thiruppavai, Ramanuja Nuthandadi etc.,

Yugandhar Swami:

  • Ramayanam
  • Tiruppavai
  • Nityaarchana

Phani Swamy

  • MukundaMala
  • Shranagati Gadya
  • Suprabhatam

venkatesh Iyengar swami [Cell No: 818-406-2660]

  • Koil Tiruvaimozhi
    • Time: 8:30 PM CST 1 hr
  • Ramanuja Nuttandadi
    • Time: 7:30 PM CST 30 minutes
  • Sudarshana Satakam
    • Time: 11am-12noon CST
  • Mumukshuppadi
    • Time: 10am-11am CST
  • Gadya Trayam
    • Time: 7pm-7.30pm CST
  • Yatiraja Vimsathi
  • Bhagawad Gita slokams
  • Prameya saaram
  • Tiruvaimozhi Nuttandadi
  • Tiruvaimozhi
  • Nachiyar Tirumozhi
  • Tirunedundaandagam
  • Siriya Tirumadal
  • Koil Tiruvaimozhi
  • Ramanuja Nuttandadi
  • Sudarshana Satakam
  • Gadya Trayam
  • Mumukshuppadi
  • Upadesa Ratnamala
  • Arthi prabandham
  • Jnaana saaram

Prajna Teacher Training:

Prajna Teacher training is offered to the volunteers who are interested in becoming volunteer teachers for our Prajna  program. Volunteers can learn all prajna modules (1-10) from our teachers. Below is the on-going class schedule.

Yugandhar Swami

  • Prajna Module slokas
    • Teleconference: 605-477-2100 /256854#


Pravachanams are discourses offered to audiences to explain the meanings and importance of slokas, practices, life histories of great acharyas and alwars etc., If you are interested in any particular topic it can be requested and we will arrange by our Acharyas.


Chanting of slokas is very important according to our Vedas, this is why JETUSA Inc. has multiple on-going parayanas according to the time of the day and season in a year. It was recommended that Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam chanting be done everyday. So we have this chanting at 6 pm est everyday and for everyones convenience devotees can join on telebridge. Also we have the same guided thiruppavai chanting during dhanurmasam.

Pavan Swami & Sudhanva Swami:

  • Vishnu Sahasranaamam
    • Time: Everyday 6:00- 6:30 EST
    • Teleconference: 641-715-3650 / 637447
  • Hanuman Chalisa
    • Time: Every Tuesday 6:30-6.45p.m EST
    • Teleconference: 641-715-3650 / 637447

Ygandharaacharya Swamy

  • Good Morning America: Prahtah Smaraniyam from Sripati Sthutimala (Pages 1-7): Haryashtakam, Krishnaashtakam, Panchayudha stotram, Gajendra moksham, Sloka trayam, Paratvaadi panchakam, Archiraadi, Saranaagati
    • Time: All week 6:30 AM CST 30 minutes
    • Teleconference: 605-477-2100 /256854#
  • Good Afternoon America: Sthotras from Sripati Stutimala (pg nos 17-18): Mantratrayasa:ram(Astasloki)
    • Time: Mon- Fri 12:00 PM CST 1 hr
    • Teleconference: 605-477-2100 /256854#

Phani Swamy

  • Sunderakanda Parayanam
    • Teleconference: 605-562-3140/696468#

Specific Classes:

The below subjects have prerequisites, Please contact the acharyas for details.

Sudhanva Swami

  • A:gamam classes
    • Time: 3-4 months Mon-Fri 8:00 PM EST 1 hr

Yugandhar swami:

  • Vaikunta Gadhyam
    • Time: Starting June 15th 9:00 PM EST 2 Weeks Mon- Thu 1 hr
    • Teleconference: 605-477-2100 /256854#